Welcome to Confide. We offer telephone, text, WhatsApp and email support at a time that suits you.

We offer a confidential, listening space for people who are, or have been in the sex trades. We are entirely run and staffed by current or former sex workers. Whatever you want to talk about, whether that’s the response you got when you told a partner what you do, a recent (or long-ago) incident of sexual violence – regardless of if it occurred at work or not – or something someone said that made you feel odd or uncomfortable and you weren’t sure why, we’re here to listen to you and give you a safe space to talk.

We offer support via the phone, text, WhatsApp and email, at whatever time is best for you.  

  • Call and text: 07593 501 505  
  • Email: confide@swou.org  
  • WhatsApp: save our 07593 501 505 number to your phone – our profile name is ‘Confide’

Sex Worker Open University